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Enhancing Creativity 

“Action research is a form of investigation designed for use by teachers to attempt to solve problems and improve professional practices in their own classrooms. It involves systematic observations and data collection which can be then used by the  practitioner-researcher in reflection, decision-making and the development of more effective classroom strategies.” (Parsons and Brown. 2002) This I feel, sums up the process I have incorporated where at different stages I gather information, analyse it in conjunction with observed patterns of behaviour and develop plans of intervention around the process of artistic engagement within a given project. This is than repeated periodically at different points over the course of the programme which highlights useful information and helps in the planning of subsequent stages as well as identifying various obstacles and advancements that occur within students work. This same method was employed in a research project I undertook that set out to study how creativity is conceived by students and whether the implementation of specific practices, particularly the use of abstraction, could help to enhance creative outcomes in students work. 

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